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Somatodrol increases your testosterone and HGH levels!

The ingredients in our unique formula are proven
to accelerate and enhance the results of your workouts:

You will feel the difference with
every series.

30% increase in testosterone level
• faster muscle regeneration after workout
elimination of cramps and muscle tension
• increase in strength and higher libido

GRTH Factor

• increases HGH level by 26%
blocks somatostatin – the hormone inhibiting HGH production,
• makes workouts more effective and increases ammonia excretion therefore reducing tiredness.

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!

Follow the amazing results of
Krzysztof Piekarz:

Gold medal of the Polish Championship Debuts on the PZKFiTS 2014
in category 90+kg and in category Champion of champions.

Week 1
Week 7
Week 13

See the results after testing Somatodrol:

“I was fat and when I started working out. I lost weight fast but I had no muscles, especially on my chest. While taking Somatodrol I saw the first results after 12 weeks – finally my chest got bigger!” Robert

I'm not a skinny guy anymore!

“I could hardly look at my friends. They are fit and they hit on girls all the time. I slaved at the gym but with no results: I was still too skinny. Somatodrol solved my problem – at the gym and at parties.” Peter

Finally the body I was waiting for!

“I always do full series. I gained some muscles but they weren't visible. With Somatodrol I saw the difference and now I have the body I always dreamt of.” Simon

I'm bigger now!

“Somatodrol is my way to success. My body is a testosterone and HGH bomb. My body regenerates fast and I'm ready for the next workout.” Tom
Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back

Somatodrol sponsors 1st
Championship Brazilian of Kettlebell

In 2014, Somatodrol made history by sponsoring the creation of the first Brazilian Championship of Kettlebell . The event held in São Paulo brought together the best athletes in the country in a dispute with a lot of strength and good disposition. Kettlebell is a Russian sport that consists of lifting and handling an iron ball with handle, turned fever worldwide. In the Brazilian Championship, men and women showed their strength and recorded the first Brazilian record of the sport that continues to grow.

With the support of Somatodrol. Why don´t you make presence in championship 2015 yield in Florianopolis?


Full satisfaction
or your money back!

Somatodrol's effectiveness is scientifically proven. If you are not happy with the 3 month treatment, we will give you money back. No questions asked, no small print.

100% satisfaction

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!


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Start working out with SOMATODROL. Boost your testosterone and HGH levels, improve your stamina and get more gains. Show everybody the results of your hard work at the gym. Take a photo and share it with #SOMATODROL.


What is Somatodrol?

Somatodrol is a diet supplement facilitating muscle gain. Its main ingredient is a special formula GRTH Factor. It contains beta-alanine and arginine combined in perfect proportions for guaranteed best results. This unique formula increases testostrone and HGH production, accelerates muscle growth, regenerates body after workout and gives you energy needed for next series of workout. Other ingredients include Cayenne pepper, guarana and vitamin B12.

How many pounds of pure muscle mass can I gain while using Somatodrol?

The results depend on genetic predispositions, metabolism and individual training routine. The studies have shown that using Somatodrol reduces the time before you see the first results. People who were testing the product before launching it on the market gained from 17 to 30 pounds of pure muscle mass.

How to use Somatodrol?

Take 1 or 2 capsules twice a day before a meal with lots of water.

How does the money back guarantee work?

We are sure that our product works and gives amazing results. We are willing to give your money back if the 3 month treatment does not change your body. So far no one has changed their looks sitting on the couch, watching television and eating fast food. You can not be the alpha male with such a lifestyle. Try our product – if you do not have results, we will immediately give you money back, straight into your bank account!

I am a professional bodybuilder and I regularly undergo anti-doping tests. Can I take Somatodrol without any problems?

Each sports federation has their own rules and regulations according to which some substances are banned from use by their members. Therefore make sure that you do everything according to their regulations. Talk about Somatodrol with your trainer, doctor so you can eliminate the risk. If you decide to use Somatodrol, we will be glad that we can help you achieve more. The thing in sport is to be the best!



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